In our first contract with Marymount, we achieved great strides in gaining benefits for our members that we never had before, and as members of AFT and NYSUT we have access to many more benefits. Bear with us, though - we’re a brand new union and haven’t fully worked out how all of these benefits function. 





  1. Medical Assistance Fund

  2. Professional Development Fund

  3. AFT and NYSUT






The MAF is a $12,000 fund shared between ourselves and MUSE (the staff union at MMC). It is a reimbursement plan - not insurance - but it is a first step towards an insurance plan.

It is available to members of MAC and part-time staff of MUSE who are either uninsured or self-insured. It’s paid out in the beginning of the calendar year for medical expenses incurred during the previous calendar year.

More detailed information is available here.

Medical Assistance Fund

As with the Medical Assistance Fund, we’re working out the mechanics of the Professional Development Fund. It is a $10,000 fund for which eligible adjuncts can apply for grants of up to $750 per year for for travel, room, board, or other expenses incurred for verifiable active participation at

an academic or professional conference or meeting.

Information about the Professional Development fund can be found here.

The application can be found here.

Professional Development Fund

The AFT (American Federation of Teachers) and NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) are our parent unions. Both of them have extensive benefits that you are eligible for: insurance, hotels, car rentals, cell service... Check out the links below:

AFT Benefits

NYSUT Benefits

please note: for both AFT and NYSUT you will have to log in to get benefits - we’re working on getting that information to you ASAP.